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Latest Reviews

very awesome site and this is really awesome and fantastic site.. maine customize cover liya really good looking and quality products……………………..

Riya / singh

Build quality (5/5) Durability (4/5) Wire length and tangle free(5/5) Sound quality (5/5) Microphone (4/5) Ear comfort (5/5) This product met my expectations…. Thanks covertm ❤️


I’ve got this a week back and I wanted to use it for at least some days before writing the review. It’s as I described in the headline – perfect! It does tilt into nearly every angle you’d like to view movies on your phone, is made of sturdy material and best of all .

Name / Lastname

Awesome product. ▶️Perfect design and packaging. ▶️Easy to apply. ▶️I am amazed with it’s quality and appearance ▶️The look it gave to my phone after applying was amazing 👍I advice just buy this one.👌


Definitely Sandisk… My first 32gb samsumg memory card is corrupted in two months, and the Sandisk is far away from it. I’m using this memory card from last year and it’s working as mentioned..


The packaging was really good even for a memory card which one can easily misunderstand for a mobile or similar stuff visuall